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Specific Flavours for Sauces and Broths

Specific Flavours for Sauces and Broths

Compose your menu

We aim saving your world from boring food, but we need your ideas combined with our savoury heritage and knowledge to deliver next-trend meal experiences for your customers.

We deliver Flavour

Giotti is leader in delivering unique flavour experiences that are the results of years exploring and tasting a variety of flavour solutions for our clients. We can support you to create your exclusive flavours in every stage of the project: we put your consumer’s eating experience centre stage. Our most renowned flavour profiles are inspired to Italian traditional tastes such as basil from Genova, pizzaiola, pesto, oregano and truffle.


Your Flavour is tailored

We know you need the nuances, because they’re the difference between boring and great food. We can create your customized signature flavours to your specifications for example smoky flavours and extracts enhancing the savoury taste of your broths. We can deliver it in flexible formats including powder, liquid, granulated.