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Giotti Italian Flavour House



Aware of its outstanding heritage, in the last few years Enrico Giotti S.p.A. has started a process of deep change with great determination and remarkable practical ability.

The corporate strategy has led to national and international takeovers, in the attempt to explore both existing and prospective markets so as to remarkably increase the company’s value in the long run, in terms of sales, image, product quality, competitive services and innovation.

Making sure our products are safe and comply with the main food standards, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and customers’ specifications and requirements, is one of our top priorities. A broad target, which has been translated into an important plan for the revision and adjustment of our own processes and records, so as to comply with IFS and BRC standards. A project that has multiple implications, all of which are built on the need to make all the staff, at all levels, aware that product quality and safety are the “rails” that our continual improvement process must run along.

In addition, in keeping with the company’s principles of ethics and sustainability, Enrico Giotti S.p.A. believes that unfailing commitment to protecting its employees’ health and consistently improving workplace safety are the foundations of its mission for growth and development and for supporting the deep change we are experiencing over these years.

To achieve such goal, the company is firmly determined to do all it takes to fulfil the applicable legal requirements, to implement measures and tools to prevent occupational accidents and diseases, to detect the hazards associated with each job, to assess and remove or minimize all workplace health and safety risks through appropriate preventive measures, to make its own and the contractors’ employees aware of the need to adhere to the rules for the prevention of health and safety risks, and to train its consultants to respond to unusual or emergency situations so as to minimize any consequence, to maintain consultation and participation of employees and their union representatives.

We expect all our employees, within the scope of their power and role, to take personal responsibility for their own safety and for the safety of the other employees, consultants and visitors, and to take part in our continual improvement process.

Enrico Giotti S.p.A. is committed to continuously improve the environmental performance of its everyday operations, by fulfilling or exceeding the applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Through our management’s leadership and the involvement of our staff, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations by preventing pollution; promoting the sustainability of the natural resources we depend on, while providing quality products which fulfil our customers’ requirements; adhering to the applicable environmental laws and regulations, and making a positive contribution to the communities we work in.

We expect all our employees to accomplish their jobs in accordance with such environmental policy and to report any environmental issue.

This policy is distributed to and shared with all corporate levels and all the organizations that work with or for Enrico Giotti S.p.A

Scandicci Italy, 11/11/2019

Employer of Enrico Giotti SpA