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Italian flavours since 1928

Enrico Giotti S.p.A. was founded by Enrico Giotti in 1928 in the centre of Florence Italy as very small shop. The Giotti Company has more than 140 workers and an American-speaking future; as a matter of fact it was acquired in 2016 by McCormick & Company, Incorporated (NYSE:MKC), a global leader in flavour.

The company mission is to add increasing value to the company over time, in term of turnover, reputation, products quality, competitive services and innovation. Integrity, transparency and business ethics have always been our distinctive values.

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Our History



Enrico Giotti was 30 years old when started making infusions and soluble essences for cocktails and other spirits in the workshop behind his café.



He founded the first laboratory in Via Sette Santi in Florence where he prepared the first concentrates for spirits and drinks on a larger scale for other shops too. On February 12th 1948 the first catalogue was printed.



After World War II and the introduction of soft drinks by the US soldiers, Enrico Giotti developed the aromatic concentrates that the local manufacturers needed to make the drinks, to which he added an Italian touch. He founded the first manufactory in via Rosolino Pilo in Florence; in 1953 Giotti company was turned into the actual S.p.a.



The new factory in Scandicci was inaugurated. The market of juice-based drinks, which is Giotti’s “core business”, was further expanded by a new strategic idea of the young Gianfranco, who wanted to be part of the juice world and so bought shares in the most important citrus processing company, located in Southern Italy, near the citrus plantations.



The company was very keen on the new markets and in 1999 it opened a manufacturing plant in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. As further proof of their natural entrepreneurial spirit, the Giotti family further developed the company with a new manufacturing plant to produce flavours for savoury foods.



Enrico Giotti S.p.A. took over a bottling factory, thus opening a new production unit in Fidenza with the new Beverage Division, branded GioCan. The new canning factory was an instant hit on the European market proposing herself as the most accredited partners in the field of packaging canned drinks, with a capacity of up to 400 million cans per year.



The Giotti’s family continued the process started by Enrico in 1928. The Giotti Group counted two factories in Italy and one in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, owned three offices in Europe, branches in 9 EU countries and over 130 workers.



In December 2016, 100% of Enrico Giotti Spa shares was acquired by McCormick & Company, Incorporated (NYSE:MKC), a global leader in flavour.


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