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Vanilla, symbol of our expertise as Flavour House

Vanilla is an orchid from Mexico, from whose fruits give the celebrated vanilla flavour, that is characterized by a delicate and unique scent. This exclusive scent is provided by vanillin that changes according to the plant it derives from.


We are expert origin sources

Vanilla was originally found in the rainforest in Mexico, where it grows spontaneously even though it’s well-known as cultivated plant. The production of this spice has expanded in other areas with hot and humid climate; the first productions were in Réunion island, then in Madagascar, that is the first producer of vanilla both for quantity and quality.

Giotti has a long tradition in extracts ad quality is one of our strengths, therefore we use Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla, that is the variety with the highest concentration of vanillin.

We certify quality

From the country of origin to your products, every step is managed to ensure product integrity and flavour authenticity.

In order to deliver premium quality extracts, it’s extremely important the approach used to extract flavours. Over the years Giotti developed the technology to preserve flavour integrity during intensive manufacturing processes. Our vanilla extract solutions are:

  • Soft extracts
  • Liquid extracts
  • Powder extracts