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We know how to treat ingredients

We offer thousands of extract solutions due to years of experimentation and mastering the perfect flavour profiles.

How to treat, respect and source the best ingredients is essential to achieve the premium quality the market is looking for.

Spice Extracts

Preserving Flavour freshness

Using a particular ultrasound technology, where the high frequencies help to extract all the flavour components from the raw ingredients, we are able to make and to obtain:

  • Cold extraction – to keep the freshness of the fruit and spices
  • Time reduction – permit to use unconventional solvents
  • Less thermal stress – more stable to the oxidation
  • More volatile components – with the whole flavour profile
  • High flavoured quality extracts – unique in the industry

Our best solutions for your perfect recipe

We have a wide portfolio of solutions of spices that include water and fat soluble extracts; these spice extracts are very popular in the kitchen, where they’re used for sauces and gravies because cheaper than other solutions and keep your label clean.