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Cleaner labelling and consumers

Consumers are demanding quality and food safety, in addition to a more sustainable use of resources. Emulsions are flavouring systems widely used across CSD category, and we are designing a better way to deliver great flavour profiles and cleaner labelling.

Real food, real solutions

We naturally created tastes that are crafted with pantry ingredients, natural flavours and extracts, and culinary-inspired techniques. Thanks to our versatile suite of tools and technologies, your products can successfully meet ingredient statement and application requirements.

Real consumer impact

Delivering the transparency, authenticity and taste experiences consumers seek with the claims they are looking for. Glycerol Ester of Wood Rosin, also known as ester gum, is an oil-soluble food additive known as E number E445. It is widely used to stabilize Beverage Flavouring Emulsions and it must be declared on product’s labels. Giotti has created a hi-tech solution to replace E445 in your labels.

Clean Emulsions key features:

  • Proven stability in end-use products, delivering great flavour, taste and cloudiness to beverages, such as carbonated soft drinks;
  • Available free from preservatives to offer the cleanest option possible to customers
  • Include a wide portfolio of cost effective solutions to meet markets and consumers preferences
  • Come with a clean declaration that includes Natural “X” Flavouring

The ability to redesign this specific sensory space in the cleanest possible way sets us apart to solve industry challenges and contemporarily meet consumer demands.